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Quick visit in Malmö

I spent one day in Malmö when I visited Copenhagen for a long weekend. It was totally worth it because it's very different from Copenhagen.

Turning Torso Malmö

The train between Copenhagen and Malmö, called Oresundstag, runs every 30 minutes or so and is an easy way to get from one city to the other. I also chose this train and I bought the ticket on the Omio website for about 190 (25€) Danish crowns (round trip).

Important information, that if you miss the train, the ticket you have already bought will be valid for any next train!

My train left a little after noon, so I had about half a day in Malmö, which turned out to be enough. It wasn't worth using public transport for half a day, so I walked around the city.

Malmö is also wonderful, I would divide it into two different parts. The classic downtown part, and the new, modern part around the Turning Torso. The latter is similar and as perfect as an IKEA showroom, but on a larger scale. The only diffeence is that these are not rooms, but houses and complete neighbourhoods. Perfect new houses without curtains of course, tidiness, cleanliness.

I can't tell you much about the gastronomy, as I only had a late lunch in the city, but it was in a good place. The place is called Tugg Burgers, right next to one of the canals. It's a very good place, but it's not cheap either. I paid 200 Swedish krona for the food, which is about 17€.

But now let's see what sights I have seen during my short trip in Malmö:

Piros házak Malmöben
  • Sankt Petry Kyrka

  • Stortorget és Lilla torg

  • Södergatan (famous street)

  • St Pauli Kyrka

  • Malmö stadsbibliotek (The city library, which is a must! You can just walk in.)

  • Malmöhus Slott + park

  • Slottsmöllan

  • Turning Torso + neighbourhood (You should definitely wait for the sunset!)

For more details and more useful places, click on the map:

Malmö térkép



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