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About me

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I'm Gergő, nice to meet you! :) If you're interested in travel, you're interested in exciting places in the world, you want to get lots of travel tips, then you're in the right place. In the past, I could never sit in one place, and it's no different now.


I've been to 38 countries so far, but I am trying to increase this number continuously. I love to travel and I love every moment of it, I love to learn new cultures, I love to discover local gastronomy and I love to meet new people. During my trips, I try to travel "low-budget" but in comfort. Besides my "9 to 5" job, sometimes it's difficult to manage so many trips, but it is still worth it.


It varies when and how I travel. I travel alone, with friends, with family, just as it comes. If no one is able to join, I simply go alone. I can give a lot of tips to solo travelers and I can only encourage everyone to go and dare to travel alone.


Stay with me and I'll tell you all the travel tips and tricks you need to know! Come and let's travel the world together!

Hey! Welcome to the site! :)

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