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Long weekend in Porto

Porto is unquestionably one of the most beautiful cities I've ever been to. In this post, I will gather everything worth knowing about Porto, so join me and I'll show you everything.

Tram number 1 next to the river Douro.
Tram number 1 next to the river Douro.

Huge level differences:

Due to its geographical location, walking in Porto is not that simple. There is about a 60-meter height difference between the riverside and the downtown areas. If one walks around for a day, it's equivalent to a good workout. Lots of inclines, declines and steps everywhere.

"But is it worth the effort?"

Absolutely! When you're surrounded by beautiful buildings and streets, and when you have the "Portuguese way of life" feeling, you know that every step is worth it!

What to see in Porto?

There is a lot to discover in Porto. You should walk among the sights as much as you can, as it allows you to experience much more from the city. But what is worth seeing? Here is a list what you can use:

Furthermore, you can take the tram line 1 (round-trip ticket for €6) to the lighthouse, where the Douro River merges into the Atlantic Ocean. The massive waves were spectacular. Unfortunately, when I was there it was not possible to go out to the tower, due to the high waves,

For a bit more detail, you can click on the map below to access the interactive map:

Porto térkép

How many days should I spend in Porto?

I was in Porto from March 12th to 15th, but I arrived in the evening and left early in the morning, so I had a total of two full days in the city. For the complete exploration of Porto, I believe three days would be ideal. I compressed all my activities into those two days, moving at a slightly faster pace with lots of walking.

Where should I stay?

I stayed at the Zero Box Lodge for three nights. It's a cool little place, simple but great. They are right in the city center, so you can reach everything by foot. The lodge has its own saunas, a private restaurant, and a bar.

The room was special, because it's basically a small "box" with its own bathroom and a large double bed. This was my first time in a room like this, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The room was perfectly sized and very comfortable. There were no windows at al, but it didn't bother me, after all, I was only there to sleep.

In terms of value for money, it's a perfect little accommodation. I definitely recommend adding breakfast to your booking because it's not expensive, and it's extremely good. There wasn't a huge selection, but what they had was fresh and tasty. Very tasty crispy rolls, croissants, cheeses, hams, yogurt, fruits, fresh orange juice, coffee, and for those with sweet tooth, pancakes.

Zero Box Lodge Portóban

Must try things in Porto

Of course, we cannot forget about Port wines and the famous Portuguese pastry, Nata! I can recommend a place for each of them which is worth a visit:

  • Fábrica da Nata: They have amazing sandwiches and pastries. They got their name from the famous Portuguese sweet pastry (a Nata costs 1.5€).

  • Bacchus vini: It's located almost under the bridge, right by the riverbank. The staff is very professional and friendly, and they're happy to tell you about the world of Port wines. They serve excellent cheese and ham platters if you need some snack.

  • 7g Roaster Apartments: On the lower level, there's a really good specialty coffee shop. They are highly skilled, roasting the coffee on-site. In addition to the usual coffees, they offer filter coffees prepared in various methods, as well as teas, fruit juices, and more.


Porto is a very charming, friendly little city. There are plenty of narrow streets and significant level differences. I came across many talented street musicians in various places, and they added to the atmosphere of the city. I definitely recommend to visit this city, you won't be disappointed. ;)


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